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Whitcomb Legatus PLLC is a national boutique law firm with global capabilities catering to the financial services industry and in particular investment management. Our clients both existing and prospective are everywhere.  Our mission statement is simple: WE want to change the nature of our global economy by creating an ecosystem designed to promote safe investing with a strong return on investment, risk management, and asset preservation to shift shift the global economy from one dependent on consumption and fiscal policy to one the savings and investment pool is maximized to promote organic private sector led growth buoyed by a strong foundation.  We believe a large pool of savings and investment fuels growth that is not reliant on fiscal policy and onerous taxation but rather allows consumption to occur from a growing pool of assets ever growing that allows the private sector to drive the economy. 

We are innovators in our field provide creative solutions to our clients that expect that type of representation that a complete advisor and a large law would provide.  We want to grow with out clients and we want our clients to grow with us as well.  Since we provide high quality solutions we want our clients to be as committed as we are to the solutions we provide. 

In short, our motto is "We're Renaissance Lawyers"  Not only are we smart but we work smart and efficiently to provide incredible value to our clients.  Our network is your network.  Our lawyers are well-rounded people who are highly intelligent self-starters that share the firm vision.  We are developmental law firm that places an emphasis on teamwork and encourages our lawyers to be well rounded and to develop their respective practices. 

We don't seek out talent, clients, and lawyer that every firm looks for.  We seek value in everything we do.  We prize acumen, drive, work ethic, and character over experience.  Not every experienced associate from prestigious law firms can do the work we do.  We can teach experience and the reality is that most lawyers don't just earn while they learn, they earn and learn.  In other words our clients don't pay for us to learn how to figure it out, the pay us to figure out it out and deliver the results they strive for.  

There are plenty of lawyers and law firms that rest on their laurels related to the prestige of their law schools and law firms.  We don't.  For those in investment management, they live by the results the deliver each and everyday, but it is balanced with pragmatic ethics. The first section of the first level of CFA exam about acting in a manner that is ethical and legal. Our solutions effectuate that balance.  It is the core of our identity to prove ourselves everyday to every client.  Many lawyers just focus on keeping their clients legal, we strive for a higher standard.  That is the challenge our clients and us accept and seek out. 

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