The heartbeat of Whitcomb Legatus is its Corporate & Investment Management is its Corporate and Investment Management focuses on the representation of institutions primarily involved in investment and in particular alternative investments.  We specialize in innovative and cutting edge corporate structures that are tailored to your strategy, personal, and professional goals and that go beyond general structures used by other law firms.  We act as advisors on all aspects of fund formation, agreements with prime brokers, executing brokers, fund administrators, seeding arrangements, and other issues related to the inception of your fund.  We also advise asset management firms, family offices, publicly traded limited partnerships, and other exotic investment management companies on corporate and transactional matters.  


The Finance & Restructuring practice is designed for investment management companies and private investment funds that are dealing with stressed and distressed situations internally and externally.  In an internal restructuring, the firm will provide its clients with legal solutions which streamline its clients and improving there value and/or exploring the ramifications of bankruptcy in unique situations.  Externally, the firm represents its clients in stressed & distressed mergers & acquisitions, pre-bankruptcy workouts, advising on investing through the bankruptcy process, and how to overcome bankruptcy related issues involving a fund's owners, investors, support team, or its business partners.  



A lawyer or law firm that lacks a strong foundation in taxation provides little value to its clients this is exacerbated if that lawyer or law firm represents clients in investment management.  Our Tax practice is designed to structure your company in a manner that is tailored to the needs of the fund's management team, the investments the company makes, and its investors while maintaining fluidity and adaptability.  The Tax practice also works with established funds and companies to restructure its business model to account for changes in the firm, tax law, and/or undo mistakes made by other law firms.  Our Tax practice is also the point person for tax controversy and IRS inquiries


The Complex Litigation practice is focused on resolving disputes that its clients will have mainly in the areas of commercial and defending clients in securities litigation.  We advise and serve our clients as "first responders" for issues involving alternative dispute resolution, white collar criminal representation, SEC inquiries, and other administrative actions.